Our team has over 40 years of experience designing and fabricating tools and molds for a wide spectrum of industries and applications. We can aid in designing tools or molds which meets your manufacturing process and dimensional requirements. Using industry standard CAD and CAM software, we can help at any stage of your tooling design.

Being a composite fabricator, we offer in-depth expertise to ensure your tooling design complements your manufacturing practices, thus resulting in the best finished part possible.

We have designed custom tooling for parts and assemblies of all shapes and sizes, each with their own individual challenges and particular needs. Our turn-key solutions help control quality while improving dimensional accuracy and operator ergonomics.

Some examples of tools we have helped design and develop include:

  • 6-Axis Robotic Trim Cells for automotive parts
  • Fully adjustable weld fixtures for complex metallic assemblies
  • Bonding fixtures for Assembly Automation
  • Assembly jigs, templates and fixtures
  • Part locating & holding fixtures for CNC machining centers
  • Testing fixtures

Spartec has over 20 years of experience specifically in fixture design. We consistently produce fixtures for both our in-house part trimming projects, as well as custom fixtures for customers. We provide turn-key solutions to customer’s fixturing needs to help improve dimensional consistency, and streamline manufacturing.

Spartec designs and implements various types of fixtures, including but not limited to: weld fixture, part holding fixtures for trimming and assembly, and rotators for mold.

Our team has full CAD capabilities enabling us to work closely with our customers in designing their fixture needs. As well, we use engineering principles and CAE tools to ensure fixtures meets your exact specifications.

We have consolidated in-shop capabilities such as welding and CNC fabrication into one facility – for composite, wood, and metal fixtures – to ensure that your project is fabricated on-time, and with precise, expert quality.

We are specifically able to help with:

  • Welding fixtures
  • Part positioning fixtures
  • Hold-downs
  • Quality inspection fixtures