Top Canada and U.S. Textile Cutting and Manufacturing

As automation becomes increasingly prevalent in composites manufacturing, the need for accurate pre-cut textile kits is becoming more important than ever. CNC cutting technology allows us to quickly provide cost-effective, high-precision textile kits, thus eliminating your need for labour intensive manual cutting.

Our automated flatbed cutting systems are able to cut reinforcement material faster, more cost effectively, and with greater precision than manual cutting.

CNC Industrial Fabric Cutters & Designers

Machine Specifications:

  • 40’ x 78” High-speed machines
  • Automated spreading systems
  • Vacuum Hold Down
  • Different tool options – round knives, drag knives
  • Automated pen & airbrush kit marking systems

Our engineering team can optimize material usage through specialized nesting software which arranges multiple parts onto a single sheet in the most efficient manner possible. We offer 24/7 cutting capability with just-in-time (JIT) shipping to meet your production and supply chain requirements. We’re happy to accommodate jobs of any size – from small one-off orders to multi-year production contracts.

Kit Cutting – The United States & Canada

If your material is on a roll, we can cut it!
Commonly processed materials include: