Our CNC controlled thermal bender can be used to form plastic shapes up to ½” thick and 70” long. This machine uses a ceramic element to heat plastic materials at their bend plane while forming them to a specific angle and radius. Angles up to 179° can be achieved with tolerances of +/-1.5° in most materials. At nearly 6ft long, our bender is long and powerful enough to simultaneously form multiple blanks at once, reducing overall cycle time and decreasing your project costs.

Waterjet Cutting

Our 6-axis robotic waterjet cutting cell is capable of trimming very large 3-dimensional parts, up to 204” (L) x 84” (W) x 60” (H). Our pump is a 60,000psi unit that can be configured to run with or without abrasive, and can quickly and accurately cut softer materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber, carpet, wood, plastic and thin metals. Our custom cell has been laser-tracked to ensure ultimate dimensional accuracy for the highest quality parts. Multi-dimensional cut paths are created using the latest offline programming and CAM software.

Robotic waterjet trimming offers dramatic improvements over manual cutting methods in cycle time, cost and part finish, all at a very competitive price.

Router Cutting

Our 6-axis robotic trim cell was custom designed for precision trimming of 3-Dimensional parts within a 50″ (L) x 50″ (W) x 36″ (H) envelope. Using a 20,000rpm Perske router with a variety of cutters, we can accurately process a wide array of materials including fiberglass, carbon fiber, plastics, wood and foam. The spatial versatility afforded by a 6th axis allows for faster cut times, simplified fixturing and improved part tolerances.

We are also fixture design experts, and can work with you to develop robust, affordable work-holding solutions for production runs of any size or application.

While many people assume that robotic part trimming is prohibitively expensive, the costs can be easily controlled and are often comparable to hand finishing, with dramatic improvements in quality and repeatability. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can work for you.

Laser Cutting

Our 4’ x 8’ laser cutter is capable of cutting a variety of materials up to 1” thick with tight tolerances and superior edge quality. Our laser is capable of cutting:

As automation becomes increasingly prevalent in composites manufacturing, the need for accurate pre-cut textile kits is becoming more important than ever. CNC cutting technology allows us to quickly provide cost-effective, high-precision textile kits, thus eliminating your need for labour intensive manual cutting.

Commonly cut materials include:

  • Acrylic
  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Foam
  • Leather
  • Cardboard
  • Other specialty materials